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Welcome To Associated Business Lawyers

We are an association of independent lawyers, a membership organization devoted to advancing the legal services that are provided by our members.


Without regard for politics or prevailing fashion, we dedicate our work to the belief that there is an imperative to improve professionalism of lawyers and the quality of legal advice.

ABL is a community lawyers, legal scholars, professors, law students and other legal and policy professionals committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual freedom, promoting justice and strengthening the rule of law based on jurisprudence of original intention.

Why Join Us?

Any professional lawyer or a legal firm aims to resolve a client’s issue in the most efficient way. Therefore ABL encourages its members to collaborate and support each other.
An annual meeting, which is a general assembly of all members, is organized by ABL in order to exchange experience and share the latest industry news.
ABL organizes its members’ participance in not only local but also international conferences that are aimed to train people on various law-related topics.

Interview with the Head of the Board

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More Than an Association

ABL Cyprus offers not only organizational but also educational support to its members.

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Taking Control Over Legal Cases

Collective representation of a Client leads to clear and faster legal actions. 

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Understand The Alternatives

Flexibility and focusing on results under changing circumstances is easier with ABL Cyprus.

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We provide packages of extensive trainings to our members on various law-related topics, e.g. privatization, intellectual property rights etc.


There are two types of events regularly arranged for the members of ABL, which are local and international conferences on a wide range of legal issues


Coaching is provided on a special request of a member and implies an individually created Learning-by-Doing Package or an individual Coaching Program


ABL can prepare a package of guid–Ķlines that includes clear and inambiguous step-by-step information on further steps and results achieved


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